Irish Pub Interior Build Out

Irish Pub Build Out – P Brennan’s

PJ Brennan Irish Pub and RestaurantCreating a memorable restaurant or bar—a destination that customers will enjoy and return to again and again—requires planning and skill, but most of all it requires artistry. The task of creating just such an interior identity and atmosphere from a mere empty shell might be daunting to some, but it wasn’t to KingCaire. Brennan’s Irish Pub was a brand new restaurant when we were brought on to give it that authentic Irish pub look and feel. We worked with all the project partners to style and build the space so that it was appealing, efficient, functional, and unique.

We provided custom masonry, woodworking, and finishing throughout. Highlights of the woodwork in particular include the outstanding oak bar and storage area for spirits, as well as a massive oak staircase, balusters, and posts. Brennan’s warm and inviting ambience is a direct result of all the woodwork that KingCaire crafted and installed. But, in a restaurant, the back of the house and the customer facilities are equally as important as the front of the house; KingCaire also built these.

Brennan’s Irish Pub is both memorable and a success. KingCaire can build an unforgettable interior for any restaurant or bar, no matter what its theme or character.